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Renault to Introduce 'Mild Hybrids' by 2017

Not all manufacturers have taken to the ‘green’ trend in the same way, and Renault has concentrated 100% on all-electric vehicles, having gained the know-how from group partners, Nissan, as well as from their own experience.
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In a similar approach to Mazda, who don’t want to start making clunky and complicated hybrids, Renault will attempt to make their cars considerably more economical by simply improving the overall efficiency of their products as they are, rather than changing them. They will be adopting regenerative braking technology as well as start-stop and do not currently have a plan to make a hybrid of any kind, as part of their Eco2 strategy. We think that this is valid road to take, and we appreciate Renault for not giving up on the ‘conventional’, and instead, trying to improve it.

The announcement came at the Diesel Powertrain Congress held in Rouen, France, an event which promoted exactly the kind of philosophy adopted by Renault: If it ain’t ‘broke’, don’t fix it. If it is ‘borke’, do fix it and don’t replace it with something new and possibly worse. Progress can be achieved in various ways, and so far, Renault and Mazda have opted to do things differently to the mainstream and we hope that their efforts pay off.

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