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Renault Launches New Version of MY Renault App To Enable Connected Cars

Renault is entering the connected car game, and it is doing it through an existing app that is already used with the R-Link multimedia systems, which equip many of its recent models.
Renault is launching a new version of the MY Renault application, which now connects directly to the vehicle 1 photo
The French conglomerate has announced the launch of a new version of the MY Renault app, which now allows customers to manage their cars and services from any place, at any time, straight from their Android or iOS smartphone.

The new functionalities are only available for the cars with R-Link, R-Link 2, and R-Link Evolution multimedia units. A smartphone with the newest version of the MY Renault app is also required, and it needs an Internet connection.

These aspects may be evident for most, but it is important to clarify them just in case someone does not have a data plan for his or her smartphone, but wants to benefit from the new functions.

One of the things clients will be able to do is called connected navigation, and it starts and ends a route using the customer’s smartphone. On top of the navigation system, your phone will direct you from the place you parked to the destination set in your calendar for the corresponding event and time of day.

In other words, your phone will “tell” your car that you are going from A to B, and that you need to park. Once the car’s engine is turned off, the user will get directions on his phone to reach the pre-set destination.

In the future, autonomous cars will know these details ahead of schedule, and should have the best possible route on hand. The described situation may be an intrusion of private life, but you are already doing that through owning a modern smartphone.

Other possibilities involve checking your vehicle’s onboard computer for trip data, as well as setting alerts for things like low fuel level, low battery charge, and even get eco-driving advice based on how you operate your vehicle. Renault’s line of services is also available at your fingertips from the smartphone in your hand.

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