Renault Gives Free Zoe EV to Each Resident in This Town

Everyone loves a freebie – even extremely affluent and powerful people will become uncivilized when someone offers them something completely free of charge. Renault is doing the exact opposite and is hooking up an entire town in France to a full charge of Zoe EVs. And no one should quarrel because everyone is going electric with an example of the latest generation city car offered to each household!
Renault Zoe French Town 56 photos
Photo: Groupe Renault
Renault Zoe French TownRenault Zoe French TownRenault Zoe French TownRenault Zoe French Town
The miracle has taken place in the town of Appy in the Ariege region of France. Of course, nothing is ever lasting, and the company’s innovative electric program will allow the residents to use the Zoe for a total of three years. And yes, we are dealing with a 100% electric town, albeit an extremely isolated one.

OK, this is the catch: this “commune” in the Occitanie region of southwestern France (close to the border with Spain) is also among the least-populated little towns in France, with Wikipedia listing just 25 inhabitants at the start of 2017. We did not imagine Renault would choose a town with thousands of inhabitants.

This is probably why the automaker was also mum on the exact number of Zoe vehicles taking part in this experiment. Renault, you French trickster! Well, 25 Zoes are better than none, especially since the company provides every household with its own wallbox charger. The municipality was also gifted with its own public charger.

Renault finally implemented DC fast charging on the latest evolution of the Zoe, enabling the battery to draw power with up to 50 kW. Thus, the 52-kWh battery pack would replenish around 90 miles of driving range during a half-hour break at a public station. Total range for the new iteration of the French city car is now up to 245 miles.

A pertinent figure that might also explain the good sales results at home in France. Basically, the home market has absorbed over 100,000 Zoe units of the 300,000 EV total Renault says has delivered since the introduction of its dedicated range of fully electric models.

With new features such as recycled materials on certain models, a 10-inch digital instrument cluster, the latest EasyLink touchscreen infotainment system and numerous ADAS (advanced driver assist systems) options the Renault Zoe has managed to increase sales in Europe by 50% during the first six months of the year to 37,540 units.

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