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Regional Aviation Expert Takes Its Best-Selling Aircraft to the Next Level

The future of aviation seems to be mostly about increased fuel efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and sustainable operations. This is why ATR is gearing up to take its already-efficient aircraft, the popular ATR 42 and ATR 72, to an even higher level.
ATR is gearing up to launch the next-generation ATR Evo 6 photos
A joint venture between two huge names in the aerospace industry, Airbus and Leonardo, ATR claims the title of a world leader in regional aviation. The ATR 42 and ATR 72 are not only the best-selling models in the less-than-90-seat category, but they use a cutting-edge turboprop technology that allows them to burn up to 40% less fuel compared to other regional jets.

ATR wants to take this performance even higher by introducing a next-generation aircraft called the ATR Evo. The new airliner promises to deliver a 20% overall fuel efficiency improvement while also being 100% compatible with SAF (sustainable aviation fuel). When powered by kerosene, the ATR Evo will be able to cut CO2 emissions by more than half compared to other regional aircraft. And that percentage will drop down to zero when using only SAF.

The Evo will not only burn less fuel but also reduce maintenance costs, which will result in double-digit operating cost savings, according to ATR. This should encourage regional airlines to expand their operations so that more communities can enjoy better connectivity, and all of this will be achieved with fewer toxic emissions.

The main innovation is a new powerplant with hybrid capability, while the aircraft remains a two-engine turboprop. This will lead to increased fuel savings, as well as performance upgrades, such as an improved time to climb. It will also benefit from new propellers and an upgraded cabin. The new design will provide more comfort and will also be more sustainable, using lighter bio-sourced materials.

ATR has already started working with engine manufacturers and other systems providers and hopes to launch the new, greener ATR Evo as soon as next year.

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