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Real Life Optimus Prime Lives in China

For some, passion knows no boundaries... For decades, the Transformers have been part of the collective minds of young boys and girls everywhere but, thanks to Michael Bay and his soon to be trilogy, the Hasbro creations have grown to new heights. Literally.

While all of the characters used by Bay to portray the visitors from Cybertron are mostly computer-rendered, someone out there thought to give at least one of the Autobots a chance to live, for real.

Taking and using some 20 wrecked cars, a group of Chinese fans presented this weekend, in Shenyang, a 11 meters high (36 feet), 21 tons contraption which looks oddly similar to Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots.

Of course, the Transformer reproduction is not actually alive because, you know, the Allspark is not within reach of the civilian population, so the Chinese had no magic cube to give a jolt to the thing. Still, nice effort and a nice preview to the Dark of the Moon movie we all expect impatiently.

Set to hit the cinema screens in 3D on July 1, the third Transformers movie promises to be the best to date. Taking the Transformers way back into human history, Dark of the Moon will take the audience in an Autobot-Decepticon dominated USSR-US cold war, with a hidden Transformer being responsible for the space race between the two super-powers.

Dark of the Moon will be, unfortunately for the male audience, void of Megan Fox. Her place is taken in this new film by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.


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