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Optimus Prime, the NASA Teacher

It comes a time in everybody's life when they just want to quit. Give it all up, all the excitement of past days, the endless, at first glance, energy that powers them, all the glory of doing something great for mankind and Cyberton. Because, as we all know, those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.

And, apparently, after Transformers and two other sequels (one yet to be released), Optimus Prime has had it with all the blasts, flying, debris, and Bumblebee. Luckily, just as the shooting for Dark of the Moon are wrapping up, NASA stepped in and offered Optimus a job.

More precisely, the oversized robot with unnatural transforming abilities is at the center of NASA's latest competition. Called the OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Award, the contest is intended to be a vessel through which knowledge could get into the little brains of children.

Ever wondered how space technologies transform into ones we use, and often take for granted, in our everyday lives? Check this link and see for yourselves. Videos submitted by 190 children from 31 states show you what NASA had to offer best last year in terms of technologies, and why.

And since you're there, you might even cast your vote on your favorite video and help the one who submitted it get into the finals and possibly win a trophy and a trip at the 27th National Space Symposium on April 12.

As you see, a lot of words, but very little action... How about the Optimus Prime teacher part? Well, there isn't any. Apparently, NASA just used the nice robot's name to launch their fancy contest. Wait until Optimus finds out...


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