Razor's New Electric Kick Scooter Is for Both the Nostalgic and Modern Kid in You

Inspired by the design of the original Razor kick scooter launched in the 2000s, the Icon e-scooter comes as a reimagined, upgraded version of the two-wheeler, for both the old-school and the modern kid in you.
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Razor Icon Electric Kick ScooterRazor Icon Electric Kick ScooterRazor Icon Electric Kick ScooterRazor Icon Electric Kick ScooterRazor Icon Electric Kick ScooterRazor Icon Electric Kick ScooterRazor Icon Electric Kick Scooter
When the first Razor folding kick scooter hit the American market, you could find it in almost every garage, which is why the U.S.-based manufacturer decided it mustn’t be forgotten. Just improved. The new Icon keeps that same top-selling design, the folding aircraft-grade aluminum frame, and the weight as low as possible. The wheeler tips the scales at 26.5 lb. (12 kg), which is acceptable given that now this thing also packs a motor and battery. It can also fit easily in your car or the bus.

Razor equipped the Icon with a 300W hub motor, which isn’t much, but it’s an upgrade from a regular, non-motorized kick scooter and it makes the two-wheeler more useful for daily rides and commutes. There aren’t many details on its battery, but we do know it’s a 36V Lithium-ion one that is supposed to offer ranges of up to 18 miles (29 km) on a charge. That’s definitely better than relying solely on your feet. The Icon can hit a top speed of 18 mph (29 kph).

When you first look at the e-scooter, you tend to deem it fragile and made for kids, but you’d be wrong. Even though the kick scooter is adorable in appearance and is offered in five striking colors, it is built for riders aged 18 and up and can hold weights of up to 220 lb. (100 kg).

Razor’s electric kick scooter comes with 8.5” airless tires, so you don’t have to worry about flats. It also features a LED headlight and a brake-activated tail one.

The classic-looking Icon e-scooter is now the subject of a crowdfunding campaign and you can get one for a pledge of $550. Razor plans to start deliveries this August. You can take a better look at it and order one on Kickstarter. The campaign will still be up for almost an entire month.

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