R1200GS Rider Zero, Log Over Stream One

The video below explains quite unequivocally how quickly a nice off-road outing can turn into a very nasty story, simply because of making a decision that sounded fun in the first place.
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Photo: Facebook capture
When it comes to riding a bike in conditions that are anything but your everyday commuting, a motorcyclist usually has to make some choices. Usually, it's all down to choosing between playing it safe and playing it cool.

Unfortunately, these two don't usually go well together, because most of the things that are safe tend to lack any cool factor, whereas the ones that are spectacular aren't safe. From time to time, a guy will try to bring them together, but the result is almost always a bad one. Luckily, this fellow, who happens to be the Chief Editor of Dirtbiker Mag, escaped unhurt after making such a 50-50 choice.

His predicament was rather simple: he had to cross a small stream while astride a BMW R1200GS, and it would most likely have taken him a couple of seconds to make it safely to the other side.

Still, wading the stream sounded too casual and lacking the cool factor mentioned earlier, so he figured out that riding the GS on the small bridge improvised from a log would fix things. Mind you, the guy was totally right, but his "weapon of choice" was far from being the most suitable one.

Heavy and with wide tires, rather clumsy when it comes to subtle maneuvers, it took the R1200GS exactly three yards to miss the "bridge" and cast its rider into the stream. Thankfully, the height of the bridge was small, and the rider managed to extend his left leg, thus avoiding having it caught under the heavy bike. He does appear to be also lucky for not sustaining wrist injuries.

Save for becoming soaked and having bruised his ego, the chap was alright, most likely contemplating that a 250cc-ish dirt bike would have been a much sounder choice for such antics.

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