Crazy-Funny Motorcycle Drag Race Ends Up with Riders Pushing the Bikes

Drag racers pushing their bikes towards the finish line 1 photo
Photo: YouTube capture
I am positive that not even those of you who are passionate abut crazy bets have imagined that both bikes in a Thunder 400 drag race would fail simultaneously. As impossible as it sounds, such a thing did take place recently, and the result is hilarious, to say the least.
Dragster racers Maurice Allen and Ryan Learmonth were about to twist the throttle as hard as they could in a Thunder 400 race, but little did they know that the goddess Fortuna had other plans for them.

The engines of both motorcycles stopped working only yards after the start line, and the two riders were left on the drag strip with two dead bikes. However, it looks like this misfortunate event did not daunt them or reduce their desire to win the race, despite being left without the most important assets of their job, namely, their bikes.

Maurice Allen, the rider with the red leathers appears to be considering calling it quits in the first place, at least until he observes that Learmonth has not given up, pushing his dead bike.

The gap between the two motorcycles looks like around 40 meters (122 ft) or so, but Learmonth is as determined as ever to try and get as close to Allen and even pass him. We don't know if the drag racing sporting rules require the bikes' engines to be running, or whether a rider has to be astride the two-wheeler or not.

Tha fact is that the race became all the more interesting, with the two riders making solid use of elbow grease pushing their bikes towards the finish line. Learmonth recovered the gap partially, but Allen's advantage proved to be too much. This is probably the slowest drag race in the world, in case somebody is keeping track of these, but I doubt that Guinness will be interested in homologating this record.

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