Four Kids Riding a Bike Crash in a Most Silly Way

Karma striking back in 3, 2, 1 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Having four people riding a small-displacement bike can be a nice stunt act, but on public roads this represents a major safety hazard. Still, such a sight is not at all uncommon in poorer areas of the world. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals become injured severely, maimed, and even killed in such crashes.
The ones in the video below are only wearing shorts, tank tops and some of them aren't even wearing flip-flops. Not that the flip-flops would be of any help during a crash, but I just had to point this out.

Now, the scenario is as simple as it gets, but what triggered this is most likely the lack of sufficient riding experience. That is, riders who have put in enough miles know if they can steer the bike with only one hand on the bars or not.

I happen to have a buddy who is left-handed and even though he has been riding for years, he would still crash in case he takes his left hand off the grip, say, to salute other riders.

In this particular case, we can see that the hands of the first kid on the bike are on the handlebar, and we thought first that she was steering. However, a closer inspection of the video revealed that it's the boy who operates the bike.

Fractions of a second before they crash, his right hand can be observed on the throttle. However, when his left hand (the very one he used to flip the guys inside the car) returns to the handlebar, he loses control and crashes quickly.

Some would say that this was karma instantaneously paying him back for the gratuitous gesture. However, I know it will take some time to heal those road rashes. And maybe these girls will be smarter and choose to ride with another guy who's maybe less of a "badass" and more of a good rider. Or not.

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