Using a Fire-Breathing Small Dragon as Exhaust Is the Ultimate Cool Idea

Some of the coolest designs made it into being when the constraints that often come with strict labeling and categorization were dropped. Creativity seems to yield better results in most areas when certain borders are not passed, but downright ignored. And this custom exhaust is, perhaps, one of the most relevant examples of how cool things can become when rules are absent.
A fire-breathing dragon exhaust 1 photo
Photo: Facebook
Now, the mesmerizing and not-fully-understood world of rat-rodded bikes and cars is the place where we can expect to find such unbridled approaches to pretty much any solution. Less focused on function and emphasizing the form, rat designs often turn out to be way cooler than their "civilized" counterparts.

The exhaust we're talking about is loaded on a car, but there's absolutely nothing preventing installing one on a ratted bike. As long as the overall theme of such a bike is related, even remotely, to the desert (and most are), the lizard/dragon is good to go.

Needless to say, such an exhaust option can even be improved quite easily, adding even more cool features that make watching it in action way more interesting

The owner of this car opted to endow the dragon with fire-breathing capabilities. Observe the spark plug implanted in the chest and the live wire that powers it; it appears that the plug is fired to ignite whatever unburned fuel escapes down the exhaust, and thus make the dragon spit fire.

On a motorcycle, we'd also add a hinged tongue that moves under the force of the exhaust gasses, flaming or not. Its rattle would add to the tonal presence of the bike and make everything even more spectacular.

Perhaps it would take us some time to get used to avoiding the hot metal dragon when getting off the bike, but after the first two or three times you burn your trousers and legs, we'd say that respect for the fire-breathing beast comes naturally.
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