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Porsche 917 Concept Shows New Details Inside Porsche Museum, Suspension Exposed

It's no secret that Porsche is working on a successor for the 918 Spyder. Of course, there are no official details on the matter, except statements that show up in various interviews and leave every possibility open. Then there's the gorgeous 917 Concept that (sort of) showed its face for the first time back in March.
Porsche 917 Concept 4 photos
Porsche 917 ConceptPorsche 917 ConceptPorsche 917 Concept
Zuffehuansen actually came up with this piece of reinterpreted motorsport back in 2014, but the thing was locked away and has now surfaced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the infamous 917 racecar.

Porsche took its time with the unveiling of the 917 Concept. So while we've received images on two occasions so far, the pictures played with shadows to hide many of the design study's details.

Well, the 917 Concept has now landed in the public part of the Porsche Museum, where it will be displayed as part of the Colours of Speed—50 Years of the 917 exhibition, which is scheduled to take place between May 14 and September 15, as a tribute to the carmaker's 1970 Le Mans victory.

And the details we can now feast our eyes on are amazing - thought pushrod suspension is a crazy racing-borrowed solution? Wait till you see this Porscha's suspension setup... through its body panels.

In true Porsche fashion, the rear end is perhaps even more interesting than the nose. From the lower exhaust pipes (compared to the 918 Spyder) to that light signature, which could easily define any model of the current range, from the 992 Neunelfer to the upcoming Taycan, there's plenty to admire - and if we ever get the aero details, that should make for a blast of information.

The Germans could be testing the waters with this concept, as there were two possibilities when coming up with a successor for the 918: go retro or come up with a futuristic-only design. Oh, and add another two for the firepower: the thing could be a hybrid or a full electric vehicle.

P.S.: Got an extra ten seconds? If you do, check out all the 917 racecar you can have in the Porsche Museum-delivered Instagram post below.


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