Porsche 911 Paperclips Are the Coolest Office Supplies Ever

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Porsche 911 Paperclips Are the Coolest Office Supplies EverPorsche 911 Paperclips Are the Coolest Office Supplies EverPorsche 911 Paperclips Are the Coolest Office Supplies Ever
The Porsche 911 is widely considered the most iconic shape ever created. Through numerous generations, German designers have tip-toed their way, only moving each element one millimeter at a time. Some people say the 911 is nothing more than a glorified Beetle, but it is so famous, Porsche can afford to market very expensive branded goods… like paperclips.
Yes, you heard us right, paperclips marked after the Porsche 911. We learned of their existence after one Gerald Becker from British Columbia posted them on Facebook recently. They are charging $24 for a tin can of paperclips that should only cost 50 cents, so we knew we had a cool story on our hands.

We decided to investigate and found Porsche's official online store sells these paper clips at €10 ($11) per 100 pieces. There's also a €120 ($133) version, presumably with a lot more clips in it. The difference is that the box is made by Porsche Design Studio, and the lid is shaped like the central locking wheels like the ones on the Porsche 911 Turbo S or 911 GT2 RS.

Many companies and countries claim to have invented this humble office supplies. Patents were filed in America as early as the 1860s, and the Gem design still in use today was in production back in Britain in the early 1870s.

We don't need to tell you guys that the €120 Porsche 911 paperclips are overpriced. In fact, it hurts our eyes just looking at them, but that's to be expected when none of us have a €100 bill in our pockets. The average Porsche owner is probably used to these shenanigans, considering the company makes an 18% profit per car sold.

But consider this: if 100 clips cost €10, you can buy a €100,000 car with the money you would spend on a million clips. Are they made from advanced materials? Probably not, but they make a cool gift.
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