Polydrops Does It Again! The Cybertruck-Like P21 Camper Is Aerodynamic Art on Wheels

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For a few years now, a camper manufacturer by the name of Polydrops has been causing quite a stir in the industry. They've been doing this by bringing affordable, lightweight, capable, and Cybertruck-like machines to the modern traveler. This time around, they're about to bust down the RV door once again!
Folks, the name Polydrops appeared back in 2017, but quickly after, they started causing quite a stir. They achieved this by bringing a slightly different camper to the game, their famous XP19. Soon after, they hit EV drivers with a machine for their needs: the P17A1, an all-electric unit designed to work hand in hand with your EV to access wild and untamed lands, well, as far as you've got the juice to do so.

Well, this time around, Polydrops is hitting another sector of outdoor living, the family, and the solution is their up-and-coming P21, the ravishing creature you see in the image gallery. As you explore said images, be sure to remember all the questions that arise; we'll be answering some of them as we go along.

First and foremost, what the heck is going on with this thing's exterior? Allow me to remind you that Polydrops was started by two architects, so it's no wonder the with-the-times and polygon-like look is seen here as well. But it's not just for show.

Behind the lines, panels, bulges, and curves hides one of the industry's most aerodynamic travel trailers. Just like the XP19 and P17A1, the P21 follows the same knife-through-butter principles that helped this crew rise to international recognition.

Photo: Polydrops
According to the manufacturer's website and the little information they display, the P21 is tall enough to stand in but also "more aerodynamic than an average teardrop trailer," and that's one bold statement. Is it true? All we have to go on so far is an image of airflow around the unit and what appears to be a Tesla.

But it's clearly safe to say that P21 is bound to be one aerodynamic beast. After all, if you've seen the bow, you've noticed that it's crafted in such a way as to create a proverbial knife's edge, ready to slice through oncoming wind like a knife through butter.

And it's not just the tip of this wheeled iceberg that brings on the aerodynamic magic; the rest of this bugger is shaped to help that airflow cruise smoothly around it, including the wheel wells and fenders and pinched and chopped aft construction.

Currently, Polydrops' website doesn't say much about what else is at work here, but if the P21 is crafted like the other units to come out from under this crew's umbrella, the same clear-anodized aluminum panels are used to bring the shell to life. Best of all, the words "zero thermal bridge construction" are also floating around on the manufacturer's webpage.

Photo: Polydrops
There's just one problem I have with how the P21 looks and functions: the shell influences the shape of the interior, and as you'd expect, the bow is a bit odd, mainly because of the pointed and forward-slanting tip and downward-flowing roof.

As a result, this area of the interior is a bit tight, but Polydrops made it work by simply designating it as nothing more than a children's bedroom. Yes, this is where the pint-sized humanoids of the family will be resting and even enjoying a view of the night sky via a large skylight. Heck, even I'd like to crash here.

From here, the unit's roof begins to reach for the sky, creating precious headroom for us larger two-legged outdoor lovers, but beyond that, the interior starts to come to life at this point. Up above, a few storage bays can be seen, but at ground level, something interesting can be spotted.

What I initially thought was a galley block - part of it is - is also a convertible shower with a hidden toilet, similar to those you'd find in beefed-up campervans. Lift the countertop in place, step into the cubicle, pull a curtain, and wash away.

Photo: Polydrops
The only modification I'd make to this space is shifting the shower to the opposite wall to be in line with the door. That way, when you enter your home, filled with mud and dust from the day's adventures, you don't drag it all through the home. Then again, an outdoor shower hookup is bound to be a part of the eventual machine.

As for the remainder of the interior, the galley is actually split in two, with the sink and countertop as part of the shower I mentioned, and across, on the other side of the wall, another countertop is to be used for a cooktop, most likely an electric one. Did you spot the EcoFlow generator?

At the very rear, the P21 presents a large dinette which, when day turns to night, you'll be using as nothing more than your bedroom. Be sure to take in all the storage options here, too, both above and below. Yet, my favorite design cue here is all the light let in by the four large windows lining the dinette/bedroom walls.

Photo: Polydrops
Other than that, the list of features isn't very large, for the time being, that is. But, when this puppy is to be delivered in Q4 2024, be sure to find features like AC units, speakers, outlets, fridge/freezer, and even off-grid gear like solar panels and battery arrays, if not as standard, surely as options.

This brings me to how much we can expect to pay for one of these babies. According to the P21 Reserve page, the Base P21 is going for a reasonable $35,900 (€33,200 at current exchange rates), while the All-Electric version will start at $49,500 (€46K). If this thing is as aerodynamic as we're told it is, I'll keep my near $15K difference and grab a Base.

How do you feel about the P21 and the recent wave of highly aerodynamic travel trailers that are aiming to cash in on the growing use of EVs? Feel free to comment below and be sure that we'll be watching; maybe even Polydrops will take a peak.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of travel trailers.

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