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Polestar Ready to Kick off Its 2030 Climate-Neutral Car Project, Taskforce Raring To Go

Swedish EV-maker Polestar first announced its Polestar 0 project back in April of this year, the goal being to create a truly climate-neutral passenger vehicle by the year 2030. This means removing all emissions throughout the entire supply chain, as well as across all production and logistics. While it certainly won’t be easy, Polestar is finally getting the wheels in motion.
Polestar 0 project ready to get under way 6 photos
Polestar 0 project ready to get under wayPolestar 0 project ready to get under wayPolestar 0 project ready to get under wayPolestar 0 project ready to get under wayPolestar 0 project ready to get under way
The carmaker knew that such an undertaking would require a dedicated internal team, which is why it has tasked former R&D boss, engineer and automotive veteran, Hans Pehrson, with this operation. The next step will be launching a call for action among suppliers, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, universities, researchers, authorities and consumers, basically getting everyone involved.

In order to hit that 2030 target, the Polestar 0 project had to be split into three stages. The first will address research and target the CO2e contributors, with the taskforce focusing on finding technical sources of CO2e in its entire supply chain, from material extraction (or recycled sources) to the actual vehicle handover.

Towards that end, initial conversations have already begun with both existing and future suppliers, while Polestar continues to search for new research and collaboration partners.

“Achieving climate neutrality is an absolute must for our future for all consumer products. Cars are complex, they consist of tens of thousands of components, and rely on intricate layering of suppliers and sub-manufacturers,” said Pehrson.

“Making a car climate-neutral is therefore not only an extremely important challenge but an extremely difficult one. Understanding and accepting the challenge is the first step; getting all the way there will require that we collaborate in ways that have never existed before. This is not a solo mission,” he concluded.

We’re absolutely thrilled to see a carmaker look so far ahead into the future with regards to sustainability, especially since various other brands are simply focused on going full-electric by 2030, with carbon neutrality currently an afterthought.

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