Polestar 5 Rendering Is the Hypercar Pickup Unicorn

Polestar 5 rendering 8 photos
Photo: Matthias Walz via Behance
Polestar 5 renderingPolestar 5 renderingPolestar 5 renderingPolestar 5 renderingPolestar 5 renderingPolestar 5 renderingPolestar 5 rendering
The fact that Polestar is a Swedish brand seems to attract the idea that it's automatically going to launch one great design after another.
At the moment, the company only has two products on the market. That makes for a very limited pool, but looking at the Polestar 1 and 2, you can say the streak is yet to be broken. Designing cars seems to be such an effortless process for them, and it seems like it might rub onto anyone else who tries to imagine potential future Polestar models.

It sure seems to be the case here with this Polestar 5 hypercar pickup (no "truck", though) rendering created by Matthias Walz, a student at Pforzheim University. Considering the nature of this model, we'd be really curious to know what kind of vehicles Matthias imagine the 3 and 4 would be. We wouldn't be surprised if the answer was something weird like a convertible SUV and a three-wheeled sports car.

The author doesn't go into detail on why he chose this particular solution that a lot of people will consider pretty niche. We're looking at a two-seat hypercar with a bed at the back, the kind of thing a wealthy sheik would order while on a high or something. It makes very little sense out in the world, though it does at least make for a striking design.

It's nice to witness most of the creative process, and looking at the other versions that Matthias considered, we're glad he opted for the clean style of the model you see here. The front end - actually, the front half - can sit beside any modern hypercar without any sense of inferiority, and you just have to love that seemingly one-piece glass canopy that makes you wonder how the doors open.

The EV layout allows the cabin to be pushed as far forward as possible, which means the Polestar 5 can have its (limited size) bed an keep the overall dimensions in check at the same time. According to Matthias, the bed is large enough to carry "IKEA stuff", surfboards or ski equipment, or even two KALK electric bikes.

Unlike other renderings, this one doesn't include any claims over the model's performance figures. We quite like that since any numbers would be entirely baseless anyway, and sometimes it's best to leave things to everyone's imagination. Suffice to call it a "hypercar" and give it these looks, and people will know what to expect of it.
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