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Phathom's New 197-Ft Superyacht Concept Gives the Vibes of a New York Modern Loft on Water

Superyacht designers will not stop at anything when it comes to creating the utmost luxury for their end-users. And now Phathom Studio has created a 197-foot superyacht concept with a three-story glass atrium that resembles a New York modern loft on water.
Phathom Studio's 197-ft Superyacht Concept 7 photos
Phathom Studio's 197-ft Superyacht ConceptPhathom Studio's 197-ft Superyacht ConceptPhathom Studio's 197-ft Superyacht ConceptPhathom Studio's 197-ft Superyacht ConceptPhathom Studio's 197-ft Superyacht ConceptPhathom Studio's 197-ft Superyacht Concept
Sometimes, when you're on vacation for a long time, you end up feeling homesick. Phathom took that into account and came up with a concept that resembles a modern New York loft, to give the feeling of a home at sea.

When you think of New York loft luxury, you think of floor-to-ceiling windows and earthy colors. And this superyacht concept is no different. Although very modern and comfy on the inside, the superyacht concept is also a work of art on the exterior.

The vessel follows in the same pattern as the studio’s first concept superyacht, Phathom-1, revealed in 2019. The previous one stood tall with a 262-foot (80-m) length, while the new one measures 197 ft (60 m).

Instead of the traditional layout, this concept favors the elegant open-plan spaces, similar to NY lofts, designed for a client that wanted all the Phathom-1 amenities into a smaller space, according to Robb Report.

The new superyacht has a three-level glass atrium that spans from the main deck to the sundeck, giving it a lot of natural light inside, besides making a visual statement with its geometric shapes and lines.

The master suite comes with the same wall-to-ceiling glass windows and a glass balcony. It has its own lounge and study positioned below, separated by a large glass wall.

The sundeck is surrounded by glass windows, and it includes the dining area, a gym, and a spa with panoramic views. The color palette involves a lot of beige, brown, and blue for a calming effect, at the same time giving the impression of more room. The usage of wood in all the interior areas is also meant to continue the same cohesive space concept.

A pool couldn’t have missed from the superyacht’s amenities. The design company opted for an infinity pool, fitted on the aft deck. When it comes to water toys, the superyacht has enough space for two tenders.

Phathom Studio didn’t give more information on the superyacht’s specs, capacity, or price, but the result is enough to convince just about any wealthy customer out there.


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