Peugeot Unveils Instinct Concept, A 300 HP Autonomous Plug-In Hybrid

Peugeot has brought its latest concept, named Instinct, to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Peugeot Instinct Concept 8 photos
Peugeot Instinct ConceptPeugeot Instinct ConceptPeugeot Instinct ConceptPeugeot Instinct ConceptPeugeot Instinct ConceptPeugeot Instinct ConceptPeugeot Instinct Concept
The vehicle was previously leaked, and it is expected to be showcased at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The leak we are referring to happened on the website of the Geneva Motor Show, and a picture of the Peugeot Instinct Concept was uploaded, which means that it will arrive at the Swiss event.

The French brand’s latest creation is an autonomous vehicle that features a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. Peugeot has decided to show it in Barcelona because it offers a glimpse of the future from this company’s perspective. While the Instinct can drive itself, its user can also choose to operate it manually, just like in a regular automobile.

If the two operating modes have not impressed, Peugeot says that the Instinct’s driver can choose from two flavors of each mode. We are referring to the Drive Boost or Drive Relax, which are both meant for the moments when you want to control the vehicle.

Meanwhile, if you want the car to drive itself, there are two options available: Autonomous Soft and Autonomous Sharp. The latter focuses on optimizing journey times, while the former offers enhanced comfort.

Unveiling this concept at a tech event meant that Peugeot has a few gizmos inside, and the French brand did not disappoint. The Instinct concept features a Samsung Artik Cloud that is linked to the vehicle’s Internet of Things platform.

With those elements, a user can sync his or her phone with the automobile, and personalized settings can be memorized. These are applied whenever the user enters the vehicle.

Peugeot says that the Instinct will “know” if its driver has had a long day at the office, or an exhausting workout at the gym, and the autonomous driving mode will be switched to “Autonomous Soft” to help the owner relax.

The IoT system will account for traffic times and scheduled appointments, which will lead to notifications that pop up on a user’s phone to tell him or her when they should depart to reach the predefined destination on time.

Expect future Peugeot models to have tail lights, rims, and headlights with a look inspired by this concept. The rear suicide doors will probably not reach production because of the associated costs, but that shade of blue has a chance of becoming optional equipment.

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