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Otocycles' New CrosS Retro e-Bike Makes You Look Cool (If You Can Pull It Off)

It feels like the early 1900s again with more and more companies trying to create their own version of a motorized two-wheeler runabout; only that they’re doing it using electric motors now. At least that’s what I’m feeling when looking at Otocycles’ range of retro-inspired e-bikes. And now, there’s another one in their lineup.
Otocycles CrosS electric bicycle 7 photos
Otocycles CrosS electric bicycleOtocycles CrosS electric bicycleOtocycles CrosS electric bicycleOtocycles CrosS electric bicycleOtocycles CrosS electric bicycleOtocycles CrosS electric bicycle
Otocycles is a Barcelona-based electric bike manufacturer revolving around the idea that e-bikes shouldn’t be all soulless, dull, plasticky modern contraptions. Au contraire, their entire lineup is inspired by early motorcycles, which were also mostly bicycles with engines strapped to their frame.

All apart from the new CrosS, which was inspired by the bicycles that its creators enjoyed in their childhood during the eighties. And you probably know what’s this all about if you rode one of those super long saddle bikes with tall handlebars back in the day.

The new Otocycles CrosS electric bike comes with a long saddle too, along with a removable backrest, white-wall tires, and high bars, instantly reminding you of those hot 80’s summers. Moreover, the battery pack, located under the saddle, can be printed with anything you wish to create your own style.

And that’s not all in terms of customization. You can choose more than a thousand of colors, four different tire models, saddlebags, tool bags, and even a small LCD or smartphone holder.

The electric motor is located in the hub of the rear wheel and provides 250W and 32 Nm of torque, which can take you up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h (16 mph). It comes complete with a modern Shimano hydraulic disc brake system, LED headlight, stoplight, and turn lights, so it is road legal and considered an A1 vehicle in Europe.

The battery is a 36V 12Ah unit that is said to provide 70 km (44 miles) of range at 25 km/h with pedal assistance. No recharging time is specified, but it should take about 4 hours on a household socket.

Price? Well, that depends on what options and degree of customization you choose and judging by the fact that each bike is hand-built, expect to fork out at least €2,000.


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