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One More Fully Featured Google Maps Alternative Is Launching on Android Auto

Google Maps and Waze are essentially the most popular navigation apps on Android Auto, but on the other hand, users are being provided with several advanced alternatives from the likes of Sygic and TomTom.
HERE WeGo on Android Auto 9 photos
HERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on Android
This week, another big company joined the club with their very own navigation app supporting Android Auto natively. It’s HERE, the developer of several award-winning navigation solutions and whose mobile applications already support Android.

HERE WeGo is making its way to Android Auto, and a beta build specifically supposed to be used for testing can be downloaded right now from the Google Play Store.

Worth knowing, however, is the Android Auto support is still a work-in-progress, so don’t expect everything to be working flawlessly. This is the purpose of the beta program in the first place, as HERE needs users to try out the early builds before ironing out all bugs and then shipping a more stable version to production devices.

The Android Auto version of HERE WeGo comes with the essential feature package, including support for offline apps.

However, it’s pretty clear the Android Auto support is still in its early days, as the current beta builds include several glitches that make it rather difficult to rely on the app for navigation on a daily basis.

For example, users need to load the app manually on their mobile devices before launching it on Android Auto. The UI looks clean and rather easy to use, but on the other hand, if you drive with no navigation configured, the app shows the main menu on half of the screen, therefore blocking a big part of the map.

HERE will most likely deal with all these shortcomings in the coming beta builds, so without a doubt, the app will be a lot more reliable when the final version is ready for release. There’s no ETA for this, however, but you can try out the beta using the Google Play Store listing.


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