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Waze Alternative Launches on Android Auto

There are people out there who use Waze not necessarily for the navigation component, but for the accurate reports the app is able to provide.
Radarbot on Android 8 photos
Radarbot on AndroidRadarbot on AndroidRadarbot on AndroidRadarbot on AndroidRadarbot on AndroidRadarbot on AndroidRadarbot on Android
Powered by the community, these reports make it possible for drivers to always be in the know when it comes to what’s happening on the road, including here not only accidents, but also speed traps and radars.

While Waze is by far the most popular name on this front, there are several alternatives users can try out, and in some cases, their popularity is slowly but surely increasing.

Radarbot, for example, is one of the applications that are based on a Waze-inspired approach but specifically focused on radar warnings.

And starting recently, Radarbot also supports Android Auto, so it’s able to do its magic even on the larger screen inside the cabin.

Let’s elaborate on this magic bit and see what Radarbot can do for you.

As said, the app is considered an alternative to Waze when it specifically comes down to radar warnings. Also powered by a growing community, Radarbot supports fixed radars, average speed cameras, traffic light cameras, and speed trap hotspots.

It also displays the speed limit for each road, and most importantly, it comes with offline maps support to display certain information like fixed traffic cameras – when using this mode, the real-time alerts are no longer available.

As compared to Waze, Radarbot also offers access to features that are missing in the Google-owned app, such as warnings for speed bumps. It can also send notifications when approaching reported potholes.

Radarbot is available with a free license, but a Gold version comes with a significant benefit. In the freeware version, the app can be used alongside any other navigation app, be it Google Maps or Waze, but the Gold version brings everything under one roof. In other words, the Gold flavor includes GPS navigation, radars, speed limits, traffic alerts, and everything else to create an all-in-one traffic navigation solution.


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