Of Course It Tay-Can! Porsche Taycan Drives Through Flooded Dubai Without Breaking a Sweat

Porsche Taycan drives through deep water in Dubai 6 photos
Photo: porsche_taycan | Instagram
Porsche Taycan drives through deep water in DubaiPorsche Taycan drives through deep water in DubaiPorsche Taycan drives through deep water in DubaiPorsche Taycan drives through deep water in DubaiPorsche Taycan drives through deep water in Dubai
Dubai has been a nightmare these past few days. Storms have swept the city and flooded the streets, causing grid-lock traffic, massive disruptions, and trapping people in their homes. Drivers are struggling to save their cars. However, there is one Porsche Taycan driver who drives through water as if he had no care in the world.
The United Arab Emirates was hit by a massive storm on Tuesday after it had previously gone over Oman. But with all the chaos caused in the Middle East, people have found reasons to amuse themselves.

A video uploaded to social media is now making the rounds. The short film shows a Porsche Taycan driver going through the water as if he has done this a gazillion times before, and it worked.

Witnesses claim that the man behind the wheel reduced his speed when he noticed the flooded area on the highway. After a moment of thought, he drove straight ahead at low speed, determined to reach the area of the highway that was not underwater. At one moment, the Taycan seemed to have lost contact with the tarmac and started to float.

Everyone on the side of the road stops and stares at the brave Taycan driver and his car. The water is so deep that it goes way over the hood and all the way to the side mirrors and the lower end of the windshield.

Once the "swim" was completed, the driver resumed his trip. There is no information on how the car functioned perfectly later on. One thing is for sure. With this taking place less than 24 hours ago, the Taycan hasn't even tried out yet. It is then that the owner will realize if he made a mistake and should have turned around or done the right thing.

People in the comments section give a big round of applause to the brave driver but mainly to his car. "I've taken mine through pretty deep water. It doesn't really care," user Singwithconner claims.

"I went through floodwaters twice in a Taycan with no issue, never floated, though," Ashley Koussa recalls.

"My husband and I did this in our Taycan when we had torrential rainfall in the greater Boston area. The car is fine, hasn't given us a single problem," Digitaldemoness wrote on Instagram.

A Tesla Model 3 reportedly followed the same route without running into trouble, throwing to the wind that electric cars and water are a dangerous mix. At least, not while it was at it. However, electric motors are not as affected as the ICEs when going into the water. Still, turning your car into a boat, regardless of the powertrain, and expecting it to float and come out alive is not really something you should try.

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