Now We’ve Heard It All: Even Vodka Is Climate-Neutral With the Help of e-Trucks

It looks like we’re getting close to a point where literally every industry and everything that’s being manufactured needs to be climate-neutral – the buzz word that’s on everybody’s mind and lips these days. This also means a bigger responsibility for EVs, which are not only contributing to a lower carbon footprint by themselves, but are also acting as a supporting factor for other sectors to become more sustainable.
Scania's P 320 trucks are powered by biofuel and electricity. 7 photos
Photo: Scania
Scania hybrid truckScania hybrid truckScania hybrid truckScania hybrid truckScania hybrid truckScania hybrid truck
We’re talking about freight vehicles in particular, although other types, such as e-buses, are also helping various sectors become greener. It’s not unusual to hear about the retail industry to used sustainable alternatives for transporting or even delivering goods. But what’s surprising is that even something like vodka is lining up with the rest of players who are striving to become climate-neutral.

If we asked what is Sweden known for, at least some of you would say “Absolut vodka”. The home of this famous brand is a small town in southern Sweden. This is where 600,000 bottles are shipped to customers all over the world, every day, with trucks constantly riding between the factory and the local harbor. This meant not only CO2 emissions, but also a lot of noise.

Not anymore. The Ahus-based company has switched to hybrid-electric trucks. Scania’s P 320 trucks will contribute to a cleaner and less noisy environment for the small town. These trucks are designed to reduce harmful emissions by 90%, compared to standard diesel options. And they even increase fuel efficiency, because they can convert and use the energy generated during braking.

Also, the hauler that works with the Absolut Company, Ahus Akeri, has been testing the P 320 trucks for a few years now and found that they have a 65 decibels noise level, compared to 81 decibels for their previous vehicles.

Using hybrid-electric trucks is just part of the Swedish company’s goal to make its vodka completely climate-neutral by 2030. The first step was to lower CO2 emissions directly related to the production process, by an impressive 98%, and the next steps are related to transportation and the supply chain.
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