Next-Gen Sony Honda EVs Might Allow You to Smash Your Bros With In-Car PS5 Integration

Cars must become a lot more fun as we’re heading toward the autonomous era. Having some means of onboard entertainment could improve the automobile experience. Otherwise, tech enthusiasts and rich folk might want to catch a train or a flight and give up on cars. Sony and Honda know this. Here’s where the PlayStation 5 fits into this story.
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For a long, long time vehicles haven’t been just a means of going from point A to point B. As time went by, customers demanded increasingly more from their vehicles. Having all sorts of technologies became almost mandatory. That is why today we can enjoy things like reliable access to the internet, Bluetooth, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, video streaming, windshield projections, premium sound experiences, and many other features that we now take for granted.

But while these things might have been enough for most drivers, they will have to be joined by other fantastic applications. As we’re creeping into the autonomous driving era, cars will have to do more than just be reliable – they must be able to properly entertain the passengers. There’s still a long way to go, but the signs are here already. Just look at Tesla’s ideas for in-car gaming and BMW’s strategy with the i7 for luxurious backseat entertainment.

But what are other manufacturers going to do? Well, let’s look at Honda and Sony and their joint ideas for the all-electric and autonomous future. Their answer to all this is simple – bring the PS5 into the car. Why bother with multiple partners for streaming or gaming when you can just integrate an already successful platform inside a vehicle? It makes sense to allow self-driving car owners to turn on something from Super Smash Bros or EA Games and just have a go at it until they reach their destination.

However, truly autonomous cars aren’t here yet. But, according to President and COO of Sony Honda Mobility Izumi Kawanishi, the alliance between the two giant brands is keen on making Tesla’s progress in the gaming department look like child play. The executive said Sony has all it needs entertainment-wise to challenge the American automaker in a discussion with Financial Times.

The first Sony Honda cars are expected to drop in 2025 in North America. It remains to be seen if the joint venture will be able to create a vehicle that will satisfy drivers’ needs and constitute a good gaming place.

For now, executives are optimistic and say that introducing the PS5 in a future vehicle is technically possible. How this will look in the end remains a mystery.


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