Next Android Auto Updates to Finally Fix a Feature That's Been Broken for Months

While Google is now working on overhauling the Android Auto experience with new features, including calendar integration and an in-app settings screen, the company is also trying to further polish the app by fixing the things that are currently not working as expected.
The steering wheel controls are broken for some users 1 photo
Among them, there’s the broken steering wheel support, which for some means they can’t use the dedicated buttons to answer and end a call or adjust the volume when Android Auto is running on the screen.

This happens in a wide variety of cars regardless of the brand and the phone model that powers the Android Auto experience, and it was first reported in May this year.

A thread on Google’s forums reveals that in some cases, all buttons on the steering wheel, except for answer and reject calls, work properly. The issue has already been confirmed with Samsung, Google, and Huawei phones, both on Android 9 and Android 10.

The good news is that Google has looked into the problem, and the company is now preparing a fix for the affected users. It will be part of a future Android Auto update, but worth knowing is that an ETA isn’t available just yet. In other words, while we do know that a fix is on its way, we still have no idea when it is supposed to land.

A member of the Android Auto team confirmed on the forums that a future app update would include this fix.

Thanks for all the reports. Our team prepared a fix on an upcoming version of Android Auto app. We are not able to share the timeline of the fix at the moment, but we’ll update this thread when it's ready. Thanks!” a post this week reads.

A new Android Auto update should get the go-ahead in late August or early September, but at this point, it’s not yet known if this release is supposed to bring the new fix.


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