New Software Update Brings Support for Unique Tesla Cybertruck Features

Tesla is preparing the first deliveries of the Cybertruck on November 30, which appears to be released on the 2023.11.1 software. This presumption is based on the unique features in this software version, which are only relevant for the Cybertruck.
Software update 2023.44.1 brings support for the Cybertruck's bumper camera washer 9 photos
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The stopwatch counts the final hours before the Cybertruck will roam free in this world after the delivery event on November 30. Judging by the people's reaction to the Cybertrucks exhibited at Tesla showrooms across the country, it will be an epic moment. The Cybertruck has over two million reservations, and there's no indication that people might not want to own one anymore.

Given the minimal production numbers, Tesla certainly anticipated there would be people trying to flip the Cybertruck for a hefty profit. That's why it introduced special clauses into the sales contract to prevent that, although it later reconsidered and removed them. This will further raise the hype surrounding the Cybertruck, helping build awareness.

Pictures and videos shared on social media revealed that the Cybertruck features a revamped user interface. This implied that the electric pickup was rocking a particular software branch that would not make it to other Tesla models. However, a recent discovery indicated that this would not be the case, and Tesla offers a unified build for all its vehicles despite their unique features.

The discovery was made, as usual, by ethical hacker Green (@greentheonly), who made a habit of digging for gems inside Tesla software. The latest version, 2023.44.1, references the front bumper camera, which no other Tesla model besides the Cybertruck has. Although Tesla fans hoped the EV maker would install a bumper camera, at least in the refreshed Model 3, there's no indication that this will happen.

The Cybertruck, on the other hand, has one to help the driver see objects in the massive blind spot at the front. An analysis of the software revealed that it also comes with a washer, as the latest version introduces a washer button to control it. This means that, most probably, the Cybertruck will launch on the 2023.44.1 software version.

This assumption is further supported by mentioning a 48-volt low-voltage battery, something that the Cybertruck was rumored to have. The 48-volt electrical system was announced earlier this year as a signature Cybertruck feature, allowing Tesla to support more powerful accessories and electric components while using thinner wires throughout the vehicle.

I said above that the 2023.44.1 will be a unified software version that will also be installed on other Tesla models. That's because the same software version also mentions the 16-volt Li-ion low-voltage batteries that current models use. Moreover, Green reveals that Tesla will add a new Li-ion battery it makes in-house in addition to those supplied by CATL.

Other features introduced with the 2023.44.1 software update affect the infotainment system, with the media player offering 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x playback speeds, most probably for podcasts. The seatbelt reminders have also been updated with a new IIHS mode. Still, the most radical new feature might be using the cabin camera to determine whether the navigation should select the HOV lane or not.

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