With Only 10 Units Delivered to Employees, Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Day Is a Paper Launch

In a recent keynote in Monterrey, Tesla's product design director, Javier Verdura, confirmed that only 10 Cybertruck units will be delivered on November 10. However, these will get to Tesla employees under a special lease contract, so little to no money will change hands.
Tesla Cybertruck at a Tesla Showroom in San Diego, California 6 photos
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Tesla Cybertruck at a Tesla Showroom in San Diego, CaliforniaTesla Cybertruck at a Tesla Showroom in San Diego, CaliforniaTesla Cybertruck at a Tesla Showroom in San Diego, CaliforniaTesla Cybertruck at a Tesla Showroom in San Diego, CaliforniaTesla Cybertruck at a Tesla Showroom in San Diego, California
As of Monday, we're only ten days away from the Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Day event on November 30. This explains why people get overly excited in anticipation, especially as Tesla does a marvelous job hyping the Cybertruck. Even though it doesn't look like that, Tesla is building momentum in the days prior to the event.

This is obvious by an increase in Cybertruck sightings in the past week. In the latest move, Tesla started exhibiting the Cybertruck in malls and shopping centers. This is significant, considering we're in the Black Friday week, and the malls are crammed. This exposure will raise awareness and promote the Cybertruck and, ultimately, Tesla.

Last week, a conference keynote in Monterrey (Mexico) revealed a surprising detail about the Cybertruck Delivery Day event. It's also the biggest disappointment for Tesla fans and those who placed a reservation for Tesla's electric pickup truck. In his keynote, Tesla's product design director, Javier Verdura, said that the EV maker will deliver "the first ten units" on November 30.

We've always known that very few people will get a Cybertruck during the delivery event, but the number confirmed by Verdura is appalling. The Tesla Cybertruck has more than two million reservations based on open-source data. During the third-quarter earnings call, Elon Musk said there were one million reservations, which was puzzling, although still a lot. Imagine being one of those who reserved the truck and find out that only ten units are available.

Not only that, but they will not get to paying customers. Instead, they will remain with the company, being handed to select Tesla employees under special lease contracts. This is not unusual, as many carmakers (especially EV startups) do it. This allows them to gather feedback without causing outrage and bad publicity if things go south with the new product.

More than six years ago, Tesla delivered the first Model 3 units to employees. Only 30 were delivered in the first batch, although the electric sedan became the most-sold electric vehicle in the world in 2020. Tesla fans have high hopes that The Cybertruck will also prove popular, despite only ten units being handed to employees on November 30. But it all depends on the Cybertruck pricing and how fast Tesla will ramp up production.

Javier Verdura's statement was surprising because we've seen many more Cybertruck prototypes in various locations across the US and even Canada. This is no different from the Tesla Semi delivery event on December 1, 2022, when about 15 trucks were delivered to PepsiCo. However, the Semi is an experimental product, which, one year later, still has no dedicated production line. The Cybertruck, on the other hand, was supposed to take the pickup truck market by storm, thanks to the dedicated line at Giga Texas.
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