New Porsche Design Golden Pen Costs New Car Money, But Still Won’t Buy a Boxster

Fountain pen P’3135 Solid Gold Limited Edition 1 photo
Photo: Porsche Design
As you probably know by now there’s this great desire luxury sportscars makers have to constantly invest their money in lifestyle, high-end accessories. Most of them target wealthy customers that would normally spend thousands if not hundred of thousands of dollars on things that most of us consider over-priced and basically not worth it.
Suc is the case of Porsche Design’s latest release, the Fountain pen P’3135 Solid Gold Limited Edition. Great name for a pen milled out of a single piece of solid pure 14-/585 carat gold, right? Well, when you’re a rich fellow there’s always going to be a secretary that will keep a record of all these expensive things she normally buys in your behalf.

It’s not only about the way it was forged or the luxury metals its creators used to design it. One of the features that makes it so special is the mechanism innovatively concealed in the shaft. When gentler pressure is applied to the end of the Solid Gold and the end piece is unscrewed, the mechanism can be removed and the converter can be filled with ink.

Other than the fact a small and gold-plated limitation tag comes along with the writing device, the eccentric rich man that will actually get to buy one is going to be part of an exclusive 11-person club, because that’s what the limited edition tag stands for.

You’re going to have to sell a couple of your old cars you’ve been keeping in the garage just as a reminder of where you started from to buy one, say Porsche Design will consider you worthy enough.

It will only be available at the selected luxury stores from mid-April and each unit is priced at EUR 25,000 ($27,000). Again, considering that you’d need about $52,000 to get a new Boxster in US as we speak, this golden pen might look expensive, but it’s still not even close to Porsche’s cheapest model car.
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