New Lancia Concept Coming in April 2023, Previews 2024 Electric Vehicle

Last year on November 28th, during the so-called Lancia Design Day, the Italian automaker presented a glorified table described as a sculpture. Pompously dubbed a three-dimensional manifesto, the Pu+Ra Zero serves as inspiration for three all-new vehicles to be launched between 2024 and 2028 by the Turinese manufacturer.
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The first such vehicle will be presented in the form of a concept in April 2023 during the Milan Design Week. Currently owned by Stellantis, the multinational formed by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles teaming up with Groupe PSA, the Italian marque has also confirmed a two-year cadence between launches. The next-generation Ypsilon will go live in 2024 with all-electric oomph, followed by a new flagship in 2026. The latter is rumored to be… wait for it… a utility vehicle believed to be named Aurelia.

Lancia enthusiasts won’t be amused by this if Lancia does apply this moniker to a crossover. The Aurelia ran between 1950 and 1958 to the tune of 18,200-odd examples of the breed with Ghia styling for the coupe and Pininfarina styling for the convertible. Developed under the watch of legendary engineer Viitorio Jano, the Italian model was offered with one of the first series-production V6 engines, a 60-degree unit with displacements beginning at 1.8 and topping 2.5 liters.

The bite-the-back-of-your-hand pretty Aurelia is the first production car to boast radial tires as standard equipment, with Lancia offering Michelin X and Pirelli Cinturato rubber boots. An electric utility vehicle cannot live up to the expectations we have from the Aurelia nameplate, but alas, it’s better to get a zero-emission crossover than to see this company go under for good.

Care to guess which nameplate is returning to the fold in 2028? Lancia says Delta, a model so iconic for the Turinese automaker that Lancia has already revived it once in the form of a bulbous front-driven hatchback.

The 2008 to 2014 third generation may look nice by 2008 to 2014 design standards, but it’s nothing more than a Fiat Bravo with a nicer exterior and nicer interior appointments. The Delta that actually matters is the first generation in HF 4WD and HF Integrale flavors. Including the Delta S4 that preceded the High Fidelity 4WD and High Fidelity Integral, the Delta scored 46 victories overall in the World Rally Championship. To this day, it still is the most successful world rally car thanks to six constructors’ titles.

Before the Delta, the Italians won the World Rally Championship four times with the 037 (in 1983), Stratos HF (in 1976 and 1975), and Fulvia HF (in 1974). That said, how do you feel about Lancia going electric with boring vehicles inspired by a table in all but name?

To be frank, I don’t mind it one bit as long as Lancia soldiers on. The Stellantis-owned marque has already gone past the “you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain” phase, a downfall brought by eons of bad management on Fiat’s part.

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Editor's note: Pu+Ra Zero sculpture pictured in the gallery.

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