New Google Maps Update for iPhone and CarPlay Now Available for Download

Google Maps is not only the world’s number one mobile navigation app but also the solution that’s getting additional refinements on a regular basis.
Google Maps on iPhone 6 photos
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In other words, Google is fully committed to improving the experience both in the short and the long term, and the updates released regularly are just the perfect way to do this.

The iOS version aimed at iPhone and CarPlay has received three different updates throughout January, with the most recent published on the last day of the month. Google Maps has therefore reached version 6.3 on iPhone and CarPlay.

As usual, the Mountain View-based search giant hasn’t included any changelog in the release, but we already know this is a bug-fixing update supposed to resolve some of the problems encountered by Apple users on their devices.

For example, many iPhone owners complained that Google Maps was just freezing on CarPlay, while others claimed the app was no longer able to track their location once the mobile device entered a locked state. While iOS 15 was believed to be the culprit, Google also released additional polishing to make sure everything is running properly for Apple users who update their phones to the latest operating system version.

Most recently, however, users out there started seeing another weird behavior on their devices, as Google Maps automatically zoomed in to the latest explored location when launched. In other words, the app no longer started to the current location of the user but to the one that was previously loaded before closing the app.

This glitch happens mostly on Android, but some iPhone users are complaining of a similar problem after the latest updates. It’s not clear, however, if the new Google Maps version corrects the bug or not.

For now, everybody is recommended to install the new Google Maps update despite the lack of a changelog. New versions typically come with additional polishing and bug fixes, so the experience overall should be more refined after the update.


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