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New-Generation Google Maps Navigation Feature Launching for More Users

Until recently, Google Maps defaulted to the fastest route to a user-defined destination, and for most drivers out there, this was an approach that just made sense.
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Google, however, noticed the changing trends in the automotive industry, so the company came up with an update that aligned with the modern world. Google Maps is now also capable of providing eco-friendly routes, which are essentially a way to reach the destination not by using the fastest route but by the one with the lowest carbon footprint.

The navigation app looks at all kinds of additional data, including road incline, to figure out if a certain route is more fuel-efficient or not. If it is, Google Maps provides the driver with an alternative to the fastest route before starting the journey.

The Mountain View-based search giant says the feature is working like a charm. So far, the eco-friendly routing has helped save more than half a million metric tons of carbon emissions, according to Google’s own data.

This is why the company is now working on bringing the new feature to more users out there. Currently available in the United States and Canada exclusively, the fuel-efficient routes in Google Maps are also launching in Europe.

The rollout has already been confirmed by Google, though on the other hand, the company hasn’t said anything about the markets that are going to get the feature. There’s also a chance that the eco-friendly routes would go live in all countries on the continent.

For the time being, no ETA has been shared on the launch of this feature in Europe, but once it becomes available, it’ll be live on both iPhone and Android. And, of course, it’ll work just like it does in the U.S. and Canada, meaning that the eco-friendly routes will be displayed as alternatives to the fastest option before starting the navigation with Google Maps.


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