New Corvette C8 Meets Its C7 Father in Quarter-Mile Battle, Can You Spot the Winner?

The new-generation Chevrolet Corvette has been making headlines long before it entered production two years ago. And for very good reasons indeed, as besides the more exotic looks, which could trick some innocent bystanders into believing they’re looking at a full-blown supercar, it boasts a mid-engine setup in a premiere.
Corvette C7 vs. Corvette C8 6 photos
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Corvette C7 vs. Corvette C8Corvette C7 vs. Corvette C8Corvette C7 vs. Corvette C8Corvette C7 vs. Corvette C8Corvette C7 vs. Corvette C8
Thanks to its new layout, some have gone as far as calling it a mid-engine supercar for the masses, or a blue-collar blue-blooded model, if you may, hence the numerous comparisons with all sorts of machines.

At the same time, the C8 generation of the ‘Vette has also been subjected to pretty much countless drag races, and while most of the examples proving their mettle down the quarter-mile were stock, others have been tuned to the teeth.

We’ve already seen insanely-powerful ones capable of completing the course in roughly nine seconds, aided by twin-turbo trickery. The dizzying thrust has given them a serious advantage over stock, enabling neck-snapping straight-line performance.

But is the white one depicted on video at the bottom of the page, filmed at the Orlando Speed World in Florida apparently not long ago, tuned or not? At first glance, we’re tempted to say no, and we’re sticking to it until the end of the battle, as it was clocked at 10.89 seconds, at 124.22 mph (199.91 kph).

Its rival was just about as powerful, and if you cannot tell what type of car it is, then you should have your petrolhead license revoked because you are looking at the Corvette C7. The predecessor of the modern-day dream car from the bowtie brand also completed the quarter-mile sprint in a hair under the 11-second mark, with a similar exit speed, proving to be a very worthy opponent.

So, think you can guess the winner just by looking at the two cars? Now head on down and hit the play button to see if you’ve nailed it.

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