Naon Gives Us a Sneak Peek at 'Lucy': The "Promised" E-Moped We're Most Likely To Receive

The name Naon has been in the news for some time now. They're that German crew looking to fill Europe's thirst for light e-mobility vehicles. Well, they've recently unveiled a video and renderings of what's to come.
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Folks, Naon has shown us their idea of the perfect mobility vehicle in the past. However, this time around, they've run the simulations and followed projections and seem to have finally settled upon what will be the final product to hit the streets while, at the same time, "still remaining faithful to our original design language."

Now, we've spotted the promised machine of Naon in the past, the 01 or Zero-One, but that was just a prototype, possibly one to draw in some investors and catch the eyes of future owners. It's the ravishing creature you see in the image gallery.

As for the current stage Naon is in and the vehicle they've agreed upon as being the solution to your joy and their profits, it looks a bit different than what we've been promised at this stage anyway; albeit, it's just the framework, so don't fret.

But the completed product we see in the renderings bears some significant changes from the 01. Naon is calling it Lucy, "derived from the Latin name Lucius, meaning light," and here's what we can expect. However, before you go on, take a moment to view the video below and compare and contrast the images in the gallery. Make sure to note major differences like the front construction, wheelbase, frame, and similarities.

Actually, let's start with the similarities between the two. Suppose we're to compare the 01 against other e-mopeds on the market. In that case, a few features stand out, such as the seat and the pillar it's standing on, the rear swing-arm, and the bodywork, the latter being the main way manufacturers define their brands.

Photo: OHE Mobility GmbH
Well, some of the features I've mentioned above have remained mostly the same for Lucy. For example, the seat and its pillar appear to be similar, and some of the frame and bodywork, too. But I'm sure you've spotted the differences.

Starting with the ground up, one difference you can't see is a shorter wheelbase. Naon chose to pack Lucy a bit tighter to account for a major change to the design, the swing arm. The images in the gallery showcase the 01 with a double-sided swing arm, but Lucy only has a single side in its design. Apparently, Naon made this change in order to bring forth "the best suspension geometry and handling." The shortened arm also pushed the rear shock a bit more into the frame, and it's not as exposed as on the 01.

As we progress toward the front of Lucy, we can just make out that the seat is a bit more rounded, and by the looks of it, maybe a tad shorter, and the bodywork seems to be much more rounded and bulky on Lucy.

Finally, we arrive at the front of the updated design. It's here that I was able to spot the most changes. Let's start with the fork. You may have noticed that Naon has switched out the fork for a dual-bridge one, again, for stability and control. Sure, it looks beefier, but it affects the bodywork that Naon will ultimately receive.

This brings us to the final face of Naon's legacy, literally, the face of Lucy. Because the fork doesn't allow for the same space to work with, Naon has shortened that transparent windshield. In my opinion, it's lost some of its allure. After all, it's one design aspect that people loved about the 01 and a defining detail for any brand.

Photo: OHE Mobility GmbH
The result is a scrunched-up look and one that may push away some future buyers. Feel free to leave your comment on this "major" modification. Then there are those covers or protectors on the fork; don't even get me started on those.

With all of the visible differences and similarities out of the way, we're left having to dive deeper into the things you can't see, and there's plenty to talk about. For example, Naon decided to pump up their proverbial rookie numbers and is now showcasing a 160 km (99 mi) range, as opposed to the previous 140 km (87 mi). This is made possible by the presence of two 2.6 kWh battery packs.

As for the motor, no new changes have been mentioned, so we could very well still be seeing a 7 kW (9.4 HP) powerhouse strapped to the rear hub. Considering that the 01 could hit a top speed of 100 kph (62 mph), if this is true for Lucy, then sign me up, even with the newly developed pug-like face!

Part of Naon's previous legacy was also the inclusion of sustainability into the design and production stages. This seems to have gone unchanged, so we can still expect our own Naon e-moped to be crafted out of "recyclable materials" and with "minimal waste."

Regarding what we can expect in terms of cost for the average Joe, there is nothing on that yet, but it won't be long now, as Naon is working its magic as we speak. So, how do you feel about the changes? Is it enough to still hold your interest in the European brand and their work? Feel free to comment below.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase the 01 and Lucy.

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