Monstrous PWR Dually Is the Freshest AWD e-Bike, Has $3K Price Tag

Dually AWD e-Bike 14 photos
Photo: PWR Bike
Dually AWD e-BikeDually AWD e-BikeDually AWD e-BikeDually AWD e-BikeDually AWD e-BikeDually AWD e-BikeDually AWD e-BikeDually AWD e-BikeDually AWD e-BikeDually AWD e-BikeDually AWD e-BikeDually AWD e-BikeDually AWD e-Bike
As expected, e-bikes are getting bigger and stronger by the minute. Now, we have this AWD monstrosity to consider riding around town.
What you see in the cover photo is known as the Dually e-bike. If you haven’t heard of it yet, welcome to the club. It’s literally one of, if not the freshest, AWD bicycles to hit U.S. streets. Yes, PWR Bikes, the Victor Frankenstein of this behemoth you see, only ships this bike within the continental U.S., even though the bike looks like it could handle Alaska just as easily.

As for the Dually, let me offer you a closer look into the inner workings of this bike. One of the discerning features that jump into your eyes when you first look at this bike is the frame. Here PWR decided to go with 6061-aluminum frame construction. One aspect you might enjoy about the geometry is the dropped section you see near the seat tube. This sort of tweak in the frame gives you a bit of clearance in case you need to hop off the seat quickly. You’ve seen this modification on some MTB and downhill bikes as well, partly for the same reason.

Dually AWD e\-Bike
Photo: PWR Bike
For a suspension, you won’t find much on the Dually. The front includes an RST Guide MLC with 95 mm (3.74 in) of travel, while the rear is a hardtail. This, believe it or not, is a great thing. Because you won’t be dropping off any cliffs or ledges with the bike, and because it’s also a dual motor bike, meaning each wheel includes a hub motor, to include a suspension on the rear would be downright inefficient. Not to mention the loss of traction that you’d be facing.

One aspect of the bike that does offer suspension capabilities is the tires. Aside from being able to ride over just about anything, these 4-inch tires also eliminate some of the vibrations you’ll encounter on your trip. However, if there’s one thing I know about these tires is that once you get to bouncing, it’s a bit hard to stop.

Being the e-bike that it is, it’s time for you to find out what sort of components are there to get you moving. The first one to point out is the battery. PWR strapped on a huge 48V, 696Wh Samsung cell juice box. If you ask me, I'd throw on another battery just like it; after all, there’s two motors you need to feed.

Dually AWD e\-Bike
Photo: PWR Bike
Speaking of motors, all PWR tells us is that the front hub motor is a 48V, 500W unit, and so is the rear. That’s all the information we’re privy to. Nothing on the manufacturer of said motors, what type of motor function, nothing. If they’re a pair of Bafang, great. If not, I’m not so sure. Another important aspect of which there is no mention is the torque output.

However, PWR does say that the Dually is good for top speeds up to 28 mph (45 kph) and a range of only 45 miles (72 km). I'm not so blown away taking into consideration this trinket comes in with a $2,999 price tag.

For the drivetrain, Shimano goes all in with in a 9-speed cassette and Acera shifters with optical display and rear derailleur. All other secondary components, such as handlebar, stem, saddle, and even seat post and clamp, are in-house PWR pieces.

With everything added to it, this monster comes in with a weight of 66 lb (30 kg) and a capacity of 275 lb (124 kg). Now, all that tells you a bit about the torque this bike can put out and what it can handle. If you haven’t done so already, check out the gallery and get an idea of what’s possible with this AWD e-bike.

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