Modded Dodge Viper Races Ferrari F12, a Bus-Sized Gap Appears

Do you know anybody who would look at a Dodge Viper and feel that the 8.4-liter V10 heart of the machine isn't enough? If the answer is yes (and even if it's a no), make sure to show your car-loving friends the Viper in the racing video we have here, which has been gifted with a stroker kit.
Modded Dodge Viper Races Ferrari F12 4 photos
Modded Dodge Viper Races Ferrari F12Modded Dodge Viper Races Ferrari F12Modded Dodge Viper Races Ferrari F12
Thanks to a Prefix 550-ci billet stroker package, the V10 engine of the American supercar now comes with a displacement of 550 ci (9.01 liters). The motor also features ported factory heads and a custom camshaft setup coming from said specialist, an IPSCO crank pulley, as well as an extreme exhaust setup. The latter involves Belanger long tube headers (no cats here), as well as a Corsa 3-inch catback system.

Note that the engine uses the stock compression ratio (10.5:1) while sipping on 93-octane pump gas. And, as shown by a recent dyno run performed by SneakySnakes, the YouTuber who owns the beast, the Viper now packs up to 722 horsepower at the wheels.

Of course, when you have such a machine at your disposal, racing Ferraris only comes naturally. In fact, we are now here to see the Viper duke it out with an F12 Berlinetta.

Note that the V12 of the Prancing Horse has also received a bit of aftermarket attention, with some of the main ingredients involving a full Capristo exhaust and a Gintani tune. Thus, the 6.5-liter unit now produces around 650 wheel horsepower.

Then again, while the Viper driver has to work the shifter, the Maranello machine comes with a lightning-quick dual-clutch tranny.

Now, these two velocity monsters had battled in the past, but now that both have received fresh mods, they went for a rematch; please don't use this street fight as an example and stick to the drag strip (pun intended).

PS: While the racing footage kicks off at the 1:40 point of the clip below, the rest of the video is also worthy of attention, especially since this allows us to enjoy the Fezza's memorable voice.

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