Modded Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Nissan GT-R, a Moon-Sized Gap Appears

The modern Dodge Challenger has been in production since 2008 and continues to receive delicious updates, so can you name a still-on-sale performance coupe that's been with us even longer? Of course, that would be the Nissan GT-R, as the R35 beats the Mopar machine at the longevity game, albeit just barely. So, what happens when the two seniors engage in battle?
Modded Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Nissan GT-R 4 photos
Modded Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Tuned Nissan GT-RModded Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Nissan GT-RModded Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Nissan GT-R
Answering the question above normally involves a straight-line battle, and we're here to discuss just that, although some tech spice has been added to the mix.

You see, all those years on the market means that both Godzilla and the Challenger, in this case, a Hellcat, have become some of the aftermarket world's favorite children. So yes, the velocity brawl that brought us here ups the ante with respectable mods for these machines.

The piece of footage at the bottom of the story, which comes from YouTuber Can I Be Frank, lets us know that the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 of the American machine packs bolt-ons that push it to 730 wheel horsepower. Using the good old 15% drivetrain loss for this automatic example of the muscle car, we end up with a crank hp estimation of over 850 hp.

As for the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 animating the Japanese beast, this now packs custom turbochargers that take the game to 750 whp. Thus, the AWD toy, which packs a dual-clutch tranny, now delivers about 900 hp at the crankshaft.

With a curb weight of 3,840 lbs (1,740 kg), the Nissan GT-R is anything but light. Then again, sometimes the scale footprint can be a matter of perspective—the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is over 550 lbs (250 kg) chunkier.

Now, a standing start would've naturally given the Nissan a massive advantage (it's also worth mentioning the GT-R packs a drag-friendly wheel and tire setup for the rear axle). Thus, the vehicles went for a rolling takeoff, albeit with the Dodge pulling a burnout before the race. Nevertheless, please avoid such street fights and turn to the safe environment provided by the drag strip.

You should know the enthusiast behind the wheel of the Hellcat did his homework, pulling a reasonable burnout before taking on that GT-R.

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