MINI Countryman: Life Is Out There

If you are a MINI fan, then you must be used by now with the somewhat unconventional way the British carmaker chooses to advertise its vehicles. We are, but, we must admit, this video took us a bit by surprise (in a good way, that is).

Needless to say, we stumbled upon this here video just when we needed it most. It was a dark, somewhat cold day here, at the autoevolution HQ, with lazy rain clouds cramming above our building and sending towards the group cold, rare droplets of water.

With our tired eyes slowly scanning the web for new info from the auto industry and our ears tuned in to CNN, just waiting for the Congressional hearing on the Toyota recall to begin, most of us here were already experiencing the side effects of the monster party we threw the night before, right here in the HQ (don't tell management...).

We are a ten member team here, but none of us was really into it that day. One of us (we'll name no one) was laying on the sofa in the corner of the room, one didn't even show up for work, a couple or more were resting their heads on the keyboards of their Macs, while the others were zombying from place to place, just waiting for the "nine-to-five" to be over and go home.

Contrary to what we are normally required to do, a very inspired colleague of ours was youtubing the hell out of his workstation and accidentally stopped on MINI's channel. There he found the video we posted below.

We will let you watch it on your own, so that you may get a better idea of how we felt afterwards. By the end of the video, you will even understand why our bad mood magically disappeared and why we threw yet another monster party that same night. This time in a proper night club...


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