Mercedes-Benz 240D Sidecar Motorcycle Looks like It Was Built in Minecraft

Mercedes-Benz sidecar motorcycle 4 photos
Mercedes-Benz 240D sidecar motorcycleMercedes-Benz 240D sidecar motorcycleMercedes-Benz 240D sidecar motorcycle
If there's one thing you can find anywhere in the world, it's weird things. Weird things and air. Just look at what somebody came across in a car museum in Finland.
It's exhibited as a sidecar motorcycle but, in all honesty it's more like a three-wheeled Mercedes-Benz car. The project is a one-off (thank God) that was custom built by an unknown person or garage for an unspecified customer. You have to understand them: if you were responsible for the creation of this thing, you too would abandon it in a museum and erase any proof linking you to the abomination.

The bike (let's call it that) was built using parts from a Mercedes-Benz 240D (W123), even though we can count three taillights, so not all parts come from the same car. The author of the article on says the rig "appears" to be street legal. She's probably right given how it has a license plate and everything, but the real question is: should it be allowed on the road?

Luckily, it looks like this museum in Vehoniemi, Finland, is where it will die of old age. True to the donor car's nature, the sidecar bike keeps its boxiness, but takes it one step further. Not much is round about it except for the wheels. It appears to be huge, the driver's seat is bigger than my sofa and looking at it from the side makes it seem more suited to agricultural activities: it looks like a frigging tractor.

Which is somewhat appropriate considering it keeps the Mercedes-Benz 240D's diesel engine, so it should be noisy as hell - and not of the good kind. It has both headlights on the bike and the iconic radiator grille on the sidecar, which is probably how Picasso would have painted the classic Mercedes-Benz model. The author says it has "some" resemblance to the Boss Hoss motorcycles. That's like saying Donald Trump resembles Brad Pitt. Yeah, they're both men, and that's where it all pretty much ends. The only thing this bike resembles is the death of aesthetics.
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