Three Drunk Russians and a Sidecar, What Could Go Wrong?

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Photo: Facebook capture
In the Eastern parts of Europe, popular beliefs include a weird and extremely vague type of deity that watches over those who are drunk so that they don't become severely injured or killed while being... more than just tipsy.
This deity most certainly comes from pre-christian times, and endured the slow yet unrelenting process of integration in the modern belief in various aspects, like many others.

Some say that the god of the drunkards is only a heathen interpretation of one of the multiple attributes any supreme deity that watches over makind has, while others simply reject the very idea.

Regardless of what side of this rather funny issue you're on, you must admit that in certain cases, some of the fellows who are drunk are inexplicably lucky. Of course, this is not the rule of thumb, and not by a long shot.

We've seen so many tragedies caused by drivers or riders impaired by alcohol, and this is why some states have a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol and drugs use and operating vehicles on public roads.

As if booze was not enough, these guys pick a sidecar bike

Now, back to the three "heroes" in the video after the jump, it is so funny to see them getting on a sidecar bike. Despite the popular assumption that sidecar motorcycles have a much better stability compared to the two-wheeled ones, this doesn't exactly apply when someone is riding the three-wheeler carelessly.

In fact, if you've ever ridden a sidecar motorcycle, you know that steering right tends to lift the sidecar because of the centrifugal force. Couple this with a wheelie, and what happens to these folks is a matter of "when and how hard," and not an "if" one, of course, talking about the imminent crash.

Even though the chap in the sidecar will probably remember the pain in his back several days, all three are lucky to have gotten away that easily.

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