McLaren P1 Bottle Cap Challenge Is Awesome but Totally Fake

In what is another warning that you should not believe everything you see (or read) online, a beautiful video showing a McLaren P1 doing the Bottle Cap Challenge has proven to be fake.
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If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 3 weeks or so, know that the Bottle Cap Challenge (probably) started with Taekwondo instructor Farabi Davletchin but was turned into a meme with help from John Mayer and Jason Statham. Other celebrities have also done it, and it’s recently taken a spin to involve anything from cars to bikes and even ski-jets.

The idea behind the challenge is to perform a roundhouse kick and hit the cap on a bottle with enough force and precision to make it spin and fly off. The latest spin sees skilled drivers and riders use their vehicles to spin the cap, while Mariah Carey used her voice to do it.

What Carey and the McLaren P1 have in common is that both videos showing them do the challenge are fake. Well, in the case of the McLaren, it’s a render so not technically a fake – but neither a legit video, as the New York Times assumed.

You can see the McLaren P1 challenge below. It shows the P1 powerslide while deploying the back slider, just in the nick of time. The slider hits the cork of a color-coordinated Dom Perignon bottle and champagne pours out of it.

This looks like an impressive feat even for a very skilled driver and, while it’s visually stunning, it’s not real. The Drive identifies the man behind it as Iskander Utebayev, “a master of fanciful renders who goes by bat.not.bad on Instagram.” He has dozens of similarly breathtaking videos, including of Lambos whose color you can change on a whim, at the press of a button.

The same media outlet notes that there are plenty of tell-tale signs that the video is a render, if you know where to look.

”For one, there are no skid marks on the ground, and the label on the bottle of Dom doesn't move with the rest of the bottle,” The Drive writes. “It also takes considerably longer for a McLaren P1 to deploy its spoiler than it does in the video, even if you manually deploy it in Race Mode.”

So now you know. You can still enjoy it, though.

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