Mazda 787B Becomes a Drift Car in This Manic Rendering

We'll once again let you know we're big fans of answering questions nobody asked and, as it turns out, we're not the only ones. Ever wondered what would happen if pro drifter Mad Mike Whiddett got his modding hands on an infamous Mazda 787B?
Mazda 787B Becomes a Drift Car 1 photo
We all know just how much racing pedigree the racecar has brought to the Japanese carmaker, with the climax having to do with Le Mans laurels, but what if we were to see a 787B becoming a drift car?

You know, the kind of contraption that comes with an extreme steering angle and packs a hydraulic handbrake - we would've also mentioned an output bump, but given the 700 hp (and 900 hp capability) of this ultra-light machine (think 1,830 lbs or 830 kg), such a measure would not be necessary.

You don't have to use your imagination to come up with an answer, as this is provided by the rendering above. Coming from British digital artist Khyzyl Saleem, the pixel arrangement gifts Mazda's infamous race car with many of the treats we've seen on the drifter's Mazdas.

Truth be told, the New Zealander is now at his fourth Mazda drift machine. Having gone through an RX-7 (Madbull), and RX-8 (Badbull) and a Miata (Radbull), the Kiwi slider now manhandles an evolution of his 2015 MX-5 (Radbull Gen 2).

The man deserves a round of applause for the sheer madness of competing in a "square" wheelbase car, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. From ND-generation panels (the car is actually an NC Miata) to faux beadlock wheels, Mad Mike is all about trolling while sideways.

The man is aiming for a full Formula D campaign this season, so we'll get to see more of his slip angle stunts throughout the year. Talk about endurance drifting...

P.S.: Wonder what kind of bull-related nickname such a tire-slashing machine would get. Perhaps Wait,What?Bull would be fitting.


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