Luxury Meets Eco-Awareness in This Gorgeous Single-Level Tiny Home

The 9600 NLR combines contemporary design with exceptional styling 8 photos
Photo: Designer Eco Tiny Homes
Xl Series 9600NLR Tiny HouseXl Series 9600NLR Tiny HouseXl Series 9600NLR Tiny HouseXl Series 9600NLR Tiny HouseXl Series 9600NLR Tiny HouseXl Series 9600NLR Tiny HouseXl Series 9600NLR Tiny House
Aussie builders have a special talent for coming up with the most amazing single-level tiny homes. Ranging from modest sizes to the lavish dimensions of mansions on wheels, these types of tiny homes are ideally suited for anyone who dreads the inconvenience of lofts and longs for the traditional comfort of a classic home.
It's always fascinating to see just how versatile tiny house design can get. It holds space for the most rustic, cabin-style dwellings that seem to belong in a fairytale forest while also pushing the boundaries of contemporary architecture. Perhaps one of the most impressive achievements in this field is the seamless blend between high-end, sophisticated urban design and eco-friendly amenities, all wrapped in a package that's both affordable and durable.

We're probably still not fully aware of the monumental impact that the tiny living movement in the US has had on the rest of the world. It literally sparked a global movement that continues to grow and evolve, adding local characteristics to the basic philosophy that originated in America. Countless people were influenced by the tiny living phenomenon on a personal level and went on to build businesses that helped other people discover this housing alternative as well.

One of these people was Grant Emans, who switched from conventional construction work to building only tiny houses after exploring the tiny house movement in the US. It happened back in 2016 when he founded Designer Eco Tiny Homes in Australia. At the time, Emans already had more than a decade of experience in construction. Together with his brother, he initially launched a conventional building company and later started a new one based on sustainable practices. From there, he easily took the next step toward eco-aware tiny homes.

Xl Series 9600NLR Tiny House
Photo: Designer Eco Tiny Homes
Emans is a passionate promoter of sustainable building practices, which include using the latest technologies, tools, and construction techniques that maximize efficiency while lowering the environmental impact. His company, Designer Eco Tiny Homes, also offers a wide range of off-grid capabilities, including solar trailers, for next-level sustainable living. What's remarkable is that none of this means having to give up a comfortable or even luxurious lifestyle.

The 9600NLR model is part of the brand's XL Series: as the name suggests, these are tiny homes that don't feel tiny at all. This particular model combines a generous length of 9.6 meters (31.4 feet) with a regular 2.4-meter (7.8 feet) width and a height slightly above four meters (14 feet).

Length is very important in this equation because we're talking about a single-level layout, which means that the floor space must be wisely divided so that there's enough space for each amenity. At the same time, the 9600NLR stays lightweight in order to fully comply with tiny house regulations.

Xl Series 9600NLR Tiny House
Photo: Designer Eco Tiny Homes
The striking design is what immediately sets this home apart from other models of similar sizes. The modern asymmetric look is enhanced further by the dual-tone cladding with contrasting textures. As any typical Australian-designed home on wheels, the 9600NLR features extensive glazing that creates a sense of transparency and fluidity. The goal is to offer an immersive experience where the owners feel fully connected with their natural surroundings at all times, even without having to leave the house.

The glass doors and huge picture windows turn the lounge into a seamless indoor/outdoor relaxation area, flanked by the enclosed bedroom and the kitchen area. One of the most striking things about this home is the ultra-clean aesthetics and minimalist styling that add a contemporary, sophisticated vibe.

Instead of a multitude of tiny objects and quirky storage solutions, this peaceful abode features only the essential pieces of furniture and amenities. The result is an airy, elegant layout that seems to expand seamlessly into the outdoors beyond its material borders. It might not be the most practical choice for those who need ample storage, but it wasn't intended for that.

Xl Series 9600NLR Tiny House
Photo: Designer Eco Tiny Homes
This luxury model in the XL Series is meant to accommodate only one or two people inside its gorgeous floor-level bedroom with a queen-sized bed. The bedroom itself doesn't offer too much space for anything other than the bed. Still, it feels deliciously decadent thanks to the two oversized windows that create an exotic resort experience. A discrete door allows the owners to choose how much privacy or openness they prefer.

The lounge transitions seamlessly into the kitchen area, modernly equipped with a two-burner cooktop, an electric oven, and a fridge. The countertop doubles as a breakfast bar with matching bar stools and can even be extended to offer a bigger cooking surface. The impeccable white furniture becomes even more sophisticated thanks to the discrete LED lighting underneath the overhead cupboards.

The same discrete lighting adds a glamorous touch to the unexpectedly elegant bathroom. There's nothing modest or rustic about this spa-like design with a full-size glass shower cabin, ample storage, and a full-length vanity. With a bathroom like this, it's easy to forget about the wheels.

Xl Series 9600NLR Tiny House
Photo: Designer Eco Tiny Homes
Beyond the spectacular styling reminiscent of a high-end resort, this tiny house is equipped for comfortable everyday living, starting with high-quality plumbing, insulation, and electrical systems and ending with the final touches that include air conditioning, on-demand hot water, and premium furniture.

As one of the biggest and most luxurious models that Designer Eco Tiny Homes has to offer, the 9600NLR is also a bit pricier, starting at AUD134,900 ($88,000). Still, it's well worth it for folks who appreciate convenience and elegance just as much as functionality.
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