London Mayor Boris Johnson Shouts the F Word at Black Cab Driver in Road Rage

London Mayor Boris Johnson Gives Black Cab Driver the F Word in Bike/Car Incident 1 photo
Just one day after we wrote about Arnold Schwarzenegger embracing the famous-among-Londoners bike share system nicknamed "the Boris Bike," here we are turning the page. By now, you may have heard that the Mayor of UK’s capital city is a great bicycle fan and advocate. If there’s anything proving that, this amateur shot video showing him swearing a Black Cab driver as he appears to be involved in a road rage incident sure is.
Oh, no, he said the F word! Yep, he invited the Black Cab driver to do something to himself we can not mention here and then told him to die. At least that’s how things look from this end, judging by the short clip shot by a passer-by and obtained by The Sun. The raffle happened little over midnight on Friday, June 5th, and according to the source, Boris Johnson apparently stepped out of the incident quite shaken up.

The onlooker, who filmed the row on his iPhone, said that Boris looked “furious” as he cycled off after the exchange. “Maybe if he is going to be the next Prime Minister he should calm things down a bit.” And we can’t agree more. After all, politicians should start acknowledging we are living in the world where anybody, anywhere has the means to get you on camera.

Like it or not, it’s the citizen paparazzi age we’re living, and it won’t get better in terms of privacy, we can tell you this much. The incident could affect the mayor’s future in politics even more, considering there appears to be a little disagreement when it comes to those who represent the famous Black Cab employees and Uber.
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