BMW Driver Deliberately Crashes into Rider after Being Admonished for Texting

A BMW driver runs down a motorcyclist 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
Frankly, I am kind of torn after watching the video below. On one hand, I know that there are a lot of drivers who use their mobile phones for texting while in traffic and this is a major hazard for everybody, not only for them.
At the same time, almost yelling "Put down your f***ing phone, you're in your car" to anyone is hardly the best way to make them understand that they are putting themselves and others at risk.

Again, crashing into a rider for saying such words is definitely not the answer. And going hit and run in such a predicament is a very short way to spending some time in jail. Frankly, I believe that the cops and prosecutors could do well and offer an example as to the outcome of one's actions.

How easy it is to end a life

The BMW driver's action was a completely reckless one, especially because of the very serious results of crashing into a bike while moving. Even though the driver's intent was (hopefully) not murderous, this could have easily turned into a tragedy.

Traffic approaching from behind running the rider over or simply a most unfortunate fall could have led to severe consequences.

Neither attitudes were constructive, but from words to crashing one's car into a rider the distance is simply too big. Of course, had the rider addressed in a more polite way, he'd have earned a lot more sympathy from both the online communities and police/ judges.

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