Lincoln to Relaunch the MKZ?

Announced with a great deal of excitement, the Lincoln MKZ was delayed to the point where some customers decided to buy something else instead. As a result, the luxury brand is reportedly planning to relaunch the sedan as production is finally approaching launch levels.
2013 Lincoln MKZ 1 photo
According to The Detroit Bureau, Lincoln is now "studying their options" and could go as far as to re-launch the MKZ, even if such a move would end up costing Ford Motor Co. another great deal of money after the $6 million spent for the two almost useless Super Bowl ads.

Fearing that the model conceived to revitalize the luxury Lincoln brand might be faulty, Ford decided to retain the first Mexico-built vehicles in order to re-inspect them a facility near Detroit after the Fusion and the Escape models came back in big numbers as several recalls were issued.

Now that the 2013 Lincoln MKZ is no longer subjected to additional checkups, the company has announced that 3,000 vehicles are on their way to dealerships and that production has reached about 200 luxury sedans a day.

It remains to be seen if a re-launch will indeed take place, but Lincoln should know focus on getting some of those MKZs in showrooms and on the roads. Nothing beats having satisfied customers.


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