Life-Long Ecologists Can Now Receive a Fitting Funeral Thanks to Model S Hearse

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Photo: RemetzCar
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We, the living, tend to focus very much on our own needs and forget about the ones of the departed. Don't feel bad, though, it's not like they're showing that much attention toward us: how many times have you been haunted in the past year? Exactly.
We're all a bunch of greedy, selfish bastards, and that's probably why we're in no hurry to meet our Maker: it's because we know we'll end up in hell. However, as sure as the sky is blue ("actually, the sky isn't technically...' oh, shut up, Einstein) and the water is wet, that day will come. And if you're the type of guy who has been wasting precious time of your life putting the plastics with the plastics and the paper with the paper, you'll also enjoy the thought of a pollution-free funeral.

That, however, was kind of impossible - and still is, unless you live in Hague, Holland, where the Van der Lans & Busscher Funeral Agency can be found. Its director, a man called Jan Busscher, wanted to offer his clients the possibility of having a clean and silent funeral experience, so he commissioned an electric Hearse.

The company chosen for that is RemetzCar, a fellow Dutch enterprise specializing in adding many inches to the wheelbases of various cars, and sometimes even giving them an extra set of wheels (it built a 6x6 Range Rover. Don't ask). The Tesla Model S received an extra 80 centimeters (that's 31.5 inches) in length, and to do that, RemetzCar had to cut the EV in half. It wasn't a pretty sight, but looking at the final product, it was probably worth it.

Uhm... that's debatable. We guess as far as hearses go, the Model S is a pretty one. It sure looks modern and elegant, and both parties involved did not spare any expenses. The funeral car comes with a diamond-encrusted separating window and a retractable floor with room for one coffin and storage space underneath, all finished with great attention to detail.

To see the car, you don't have to act like a freak and mix with the family of the deceased, but simply attend the Funeral Exhibition in Gorinchem starting September 28. Come to think of it, we're not sure which of the two is more creepy. And if you do attend a funeral where there's a Model S hearse, first of all, please accept our condolences, and second, remember the golden rule: plastics with plastics and paper with paper, or you'll get haunted.
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