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Lexus LF-A Launch Control Detailed

Modern times are bringing us supercars that offer a level of performance which can literally be called a drug. However, great power comes with great responsibility, so these vehicles are fitted with an army of electronic nannies that help the driver keep things under control. However, this also means that you don’t need to be a skilled driver to get behind the wheel of one of this extreme creatures.

Let’s take the easiest game, the straight line one, for example. Most contemporary supercars come with a launch control function, so even your dog could look like a drag race hero if it manages to learn the specific pedal/button sequence that catapults the car past the 62 mph mark in a few blinks of an eye.

Of course, the Lexus LF-A also comes with this function, but the Japanese company has kept an aura of mystery regarding this subject until now. However, as the first examples of the LF-A are being delivered, it is time to see exactly how the system works (we must thank lexusenthusiast for the scoop).

Setting the system

1. Ensure that you are seated well back in the driver’s seat with the seat belt fastened. Make sure that the passenger is also seated well back with their seat belt fastened.
2. Start the engine. Firmly depress the brake pedal with your left foot and release the parking brake. Continue to depress the brake pedal.
3. Select SPORT driving mode.
4. Select shift speed level 7.
5. Pull the “+” paddle shift switch to select 1st gear.
6. Pull the “-” paddle shift switch and hold it for 5 seconds. “LAUNCH” will be displayed on the meter.
7. Release the “-” paddle shift switch.
8. Depress the accelerator pedal firmly. Continue to depress the accelerator pedal. The engine speed will be automatically maintained at 4000 rpm. The vehicle is then ready for launch.
9. Release the brake pedal. The vehicle will launch forward.

Once the accelerator pedal is released completely, launch control will be canceled and SPORT driving mode will be engaged.

However, the system also comes with certain limitations. While some of these can be introduced in the common-sense category (example: the engine & transmission have to be warmed up), others can be pretty annoying (there is a maximum number of times that the system can be used).


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