Land Rover Defender Thefts Are On The Rise, Most Cars Are Not Recovered

It is human nature to want what you cannot have, and the same can be said about cars that are no longer produced.
Land Rover Heritage Defender 1 photo
While the Defender did not have people queue in showrooms to place an order while it was being made as a regular production car, things changed for the off-roader once Land Rover announced it would discontinue its manufacturing.

Once people saw that things were pressing, the orders started piling up, and Land Rover had to respond accordingly, and some units ended up having a buyer waiting for them before leaving the production line.

Since last January, you cannot buy a new Land Rover Defender, and the situation will continue until 2019, when JLR will have the new model in showrooms.

Nobody can predict if the next Defender will be as desired and successful as its predecessor, but the British conglomerate has no choice but to release a modern version that can cope with the demands of day-to-day life in the 21st Century.

A recent increase in thefts of Defender models has been noticed by police officers and car-tracking firms in the United Kingdom. In the past five years, 530 off-roaders have been stolen in the West Yorkshire area, and only 139 of those were recovered. Just last year, 120 Land Rover Defender models were stolen.

Owners are advised to lock their cars and to use additional systems and solutions to prevent theft. Police officers have warned citizens not to post their home address on social media, as well as avoiding to announce when they are on vacation, which are both measures to prevent thieves from knowing when and where to strike without meeting any resistance.

As Autocar noted, a rise in Defender thefts has been noticed since April 2016, shortly after the production of this car has stopped. Thefts in the North Yorkshire region have increased by 69% just after the production was ceased.

The cars either get parted out by teams of criminals, or they are smuggled out of the country to places where it will not matter that the vehicle is reported stolen somewhere else.


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