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Lamborghini Aventador on HRE Wheels Looks Retro

The world of custom wheels can be extremely difficult to understand for those outside the realm. Heck, at times even the most hardcore of aficionados have a hard time understanding why owners wish to leave the perfectly balanced rims of a supercar behind in favor of custom units which may or may not perform better, regardless of the latter's looks. And we've brought along a recent example of such an effort, one that involves a Lamborghini.
Lamborghini Aventador Sits on Retro HRE Wheels 1 photo
The Aventador sitting before us has been gifted with a set of custom shoes supplied by HRE. In the contemporary automotive landscape, a Lamborghini, or a Lambo on custom wheels, for that matter, might not be all that special anymore, enjoying minutes of fame and then disappearing into the depths of social media.

Nevertheless, the Sant'Agata Bolognese toy we have here is special and that's because its newfound wheels seem to come from another design era.

These rolling goodies are part of HRE Wheels' vintage series and it shows. The multi-spoke design, which semi-filled centers, seems to be more fit for a car like the E30-generation BMW M3. Well, this is exactly what sets the Italian exotic apart, with or without the opinion-splitting twist of the customisation process.

Then there's the silver finish of the rims, along with what appear to be polished lips. This creates a strong contrast with the black hue of the 700 horsepower monster.

And whether you below to those who applaud such efforts or would rather see the Raging Bull getting its factory wheels back, there's one thing you need to admit - this Lamborghini can't be ignored.

If we zoom in on this Lamborghini Aventador is looks like the lower side of the sprinter has been gifted with a few aero elements, but these are of lesser importance, at least in our book.


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