LaFerrari Drifts Its Way through Beverly Hills in Full Traffic

Just when we though people have had enough of drifting LaFerraris on public roads, a guy decided to do this on the streets of Beverly Hills, so we’re back to square slide one.
LaFerrari drifting in Beverly Hills 1 photo
The footage below shows us a Ferrari LaFerrari dancing its way through Beverly Hills, not exactly the most tolerant place in the world when it comes to such public hooning episodes.

For one thing, the LaF gets it on in full traffic, without any regard for other people’s safety. Sure, things are seen in a different light from inside this monster hybrid, but when spotters flock to the side of the road at Group B rallying distance, things can turn to disaster with a flick of the Manettino.

The LaFerrari might have a playful yet controllable nature, one that can easily serve as a tool for such sideways moments, but we really wish people who hold their Prancing Horses, waiting to reach a track before unleashing the slip angle potential of the hypercar. When you have 950 hp (that’s 963 PS for you reading this across the pond) under your right foot, your brain should rely on caution, not reaction.

Fortunately, the tire-melting episode doesn’t bring any consequences, with the driver calming down after his “let me show you my skills” moment.
In-city supercar hooning may lead to a leash being put on us all. No, it's not a joke.
Think about this for a moment - it’s people like him that have determined London to consider banning supercar revving and swift accelerations. This is just a proposal for the moment, but we might end up in a world where we’ll have to explain the difference between launch control and being a bit in a hurry. And we may have to do that in front of a judge.

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